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25 Dec 2016

Understanding Tawheed (part 6)

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The first question – What does singling out Allah in something mean generally?

I think that the majority of you found this the easiest of the four questions to answer. But, even with this being the case, many of us had to honestly give it some thought. This is due to the fact that many of us never really paid this issue any real attention in the past. The responses that we received for the most part, revolved around the same basic understanding. Barak Allahu Feekum. There is something that I wanted to point out though, if I may take just a minute or two of your time.

And this was that singling out Allah in something means that we make that thing being discussed solely for Him. It means that we don’t accept even the idea that it may come from other than Him, or be for other than Him. We would , if done correctly, understand that for these things to come from other than Him, or belong to other than Him is something impossible and in itself a ludicrous concept.

All of this in turn, should cause us not to seek anything that is specific for Allah from other then Him. This is because it is not found in or with anything other than Him.

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