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19 Mar 2017

Understanding Tawheed (part 36)

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In Conclusion:

I know that we spent a lot of time speaking on this issue of Tawheed, but I want you to now that we have not covered except the basics. This just goes to show you how big this subject really is in reality.

If you had followed what we have been discussing from the beginning of this topic until now, you will find that there are many things that many have never been heard of before or it they have been heard, maybe not explained.

Tawheed is definitely not an issue that we can afford to do as we’ve been doing by  simply breezing by it. We can no longer afford to just hear the different terminologies and not understand them, rather we must understand that Tawheed is the underlined aspect of the whole of our religion.

What I will try to do in the next post is to put links to the different topics so as to make it easy to return to  them from time to time as a quick review in sha Allah.

May Allah bless us all to being of those that perfect both our understanding as well as our practice of At-Tawheed Allahuma Ameen.


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