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2 Mar 2017

Understanding Tawheed (part 29)

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That which should  be clear here from the previous example is that this issue of At-Tahreef”, is again a very dangerous one. Not only has the one whom fell into this situation began his/her journey by asking that question that sinks ships “How”,  but also they have fallen into changing that which Allah has revealed.

No matter how rational their explanations seem to be on the surface level, you should without a doubt see why it’s incorrect. You should be able to notice after this whole discussion, that what is being done in actuality is the changing of that which was sent down. Hopefully, you realize that his is unacceptable. If  no, you may want to go back and review this section again.

For no reason what so ever should we be able to find it excusable to change anything that Allah has revealed. This holds true whether it comes about by changing either statement or meaning.

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