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17 Jan 2017

Understanding Tawheed (part 13)

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Now we want to deal with the third question that we mentioned before.  But before we move on, I want to make something clear. We aren’t having this discussion just for the purpose of having a discussion, also we aren’t having it just to learn some facts and store them. We’re taking the time to think this through together for the purpose of benefiting from one another and also to benefit from acting on that which we’re going over.

This third was what is it, or what does it mean to single out Allah in this “Lordship”? This is very because the whole of the issue isn’t about the Lordship itself, but rather singling out Allah in His Lordship over all of creation.

So then, we understand this to be the whole of what we’ve been hearing over the years whenever this topic has been mentioned. Now that we understand what is desired by this statement that Allah is our Lord, what do we do with it? Do we judge one another’s Islam by way of it? Do we begin beating one another over the head with it? Of course not!! The real purpose of discussing his issue is to begin to actualize in our lives, that which has been just a vague concept that many of us had for so long. We need to go back and ponder on those past few discussions we’ve had here in this series. Now that we realize what Lordship is, we have to  begin to truly singling out Allah in it.

When we realize that some actions can and will only come from Allah, we must begin acting upon this understanding. We have to begin to understand that we need to develop a true dependence upon Allah. It is imperative that we begin to see that these other things that we look toward for these things are nothing but vessels that Allah has put in our lives to get to us that which He has written for us. We must refrain from taking them as the real reason for these things getting to us or happening for us.

When this begins to happen, we find that we have really begun to actualize the understanding we have gotten about this issue.

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