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11 Oct 2017

The Shortening and Combining of The Prayers

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There was an issue that was brought into many of our communities in the past. As with many other issues, this one was introduced and not really explained in any detail. This has lead to many individuals doing what they want, how they want and when they want. They do this with the claim that doing it is from the Sunnah, yet when you ask many of them if they ever took on a class, read a book, or heard a lecture about its performance in any detail at all, we find the answer no. We have been Muslim long enough that we should already understand that it is not enough for us to know that something is from the Sunnah only. Rather we need to have an understanding of the wheres, whats and hows on the topic. Yet this principle many times skipped right over, as though it is not really that important.

Due to this fact, we want to discuss with you in this article the issue of “Shortening and Combining The Prayers”. As usual we will try to discuss the issue, so as to make sure that everyone has a working understanding of this topic. The first thing that we need to understand though is the fact that without a doubt, the shortening and combining of the prayers is legislated in this religion. We find numerous proofs and evidences of this in the Quran and Sunnah. For those of you that are looking for these, please refer the other posts that are specific for making those things known.

Even though we are talking about both of these issues together, we will address them both separately. This will hopefully allow us all to understand both issues clearly, and see the hows and whens for each situation. The goal of that is to clarify whats correct and what is not from much of what we see the people doing around us.

The Shortening of The Prayer:

We know that the shortening of the prayer is allowable for the traveler, if certain conditions are met. These conditions are;

  1. That the traveling was not done for purposes of being disobedient to Allah. 
  2. That the distance that covered between the starting and ending points, is considered to actually be traveling.
  3. That the prayer that you are trying to perform is actually four units of prayer (Thur, Asr, Isha).
  4. That you intend to shorten the prayer, at the very beginning of the prayer, and not during it.
  5. That you are not being lead in prayer by someone that is not a traveler.

The Combining of The Prayers;

The Traveler –

It is permissible for them to combine between Thur and Asr in which ever of the two time periods that they desire.

This also holds true for the Magrib and Isha Prayers. 

One Caught In The Rain –

It is permissible for them to combine between Thur and Asr ONLY in the time of Thur.

This same issue holds true for Magrib and Isha (that they are prayed during the time of Magrib only.)

We pray that this sheds some light on this issue for everyone, so that there is some direction as to how and when these allowances in the Shareeyah are performed. There are other articles that have some of the proofs and evidence mentioned about these issues, for those that are looking for a deeper understanding (which are easily found using the search bar above). Our goal here again, was just to shed some light on the issues as a whole, so that those that need a reference to the situation can have one. Also, so that we have some direction as to how to worship Allah in accordance with the Authentic Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him).

May Allah increase us all in beneficial knowledge, and the desire to act upon it. Allahuma ameen., 

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