The Increasing Our Emaan Workshop



We here at Arabic Virtual Academy would like to welcome you to our “The Increasing Our Emaan Workshop”. As each and every one of you know, there are many different things that go on in our day to day lives that directly effect our level of emaan. The thing that many people do not realize is that there are things that we can do to protect our emaan from either dropping to dangerous levels, or even (may Allah protect us from it… Allahuma ameen) disappearing all together. 

We need to take a second to check and see how much we really know about this topic. The issue of ones level of emaan is one of the most important issues that a Muslim should always be thinking about. 

Important questions we should all ask ourselves:

Generally what types of things effect someones levels of emaan and causes it to increase or decrease?

What are the signs a person should look for to find out if someones level of emaan is dangerously low, and needs work?

What are some specific things that people do regularly that cause someones level of emaan to constantly decrease?

What are those things that we should try to busy ourselves with regularly that will help our level of emaan rise as much as possible?

These are all questions that each and every one of us should know off the top of our heads. If we do not, then you should without a doubt see the importance of not passing over a course like this one. The level of emaan that a Muslim has, is that which ties them to the religion. So, we see that it is definitely not something that we can afford to slip away, due to pure negligence. 

The Contents Of The Course:

This is a 12 video course. Each video consists of different topics dealing generally with the questions asked above. 

These videos will be made available to you through the Course Syllabus. You will receive this syllabus through your email. Make sure to save this syllabus to your computer or email, so that you will have constant access to the videos at any time in the future. 

The Price Of The Course:

This course costs only $24.97 (usd). It is a one time fee that you pay which gives you as much personal access to the course as you would please. 

What do I do to register?

Simply make the one time payment below. Once your payment is made, you will be sent to another page where you will be asked to enter your name and email address so that we can send your syllabus directly to you. From that time on, you will have constant access to this much needed program. So let’s get started with the first step. 

Make your one time payment of $24.97

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