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22 Aug 2011

Signs of the Night of Decree

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Sheikh Uthaimeen mentioned some of the signs of this blessed night in his book Sharul Mumte’a in the book of Fasting. From these signs that were mentioned were;

  1. The strong radiant light of that night. He mentions that in these days and times one does not notice this except someone that is in a secluded area and not near lights.
  2. The increased light on this night
  3. Comfortability (meaning in the heart) so much so that the believer finds rest and relaxation. This is found this night much more then any of the other nights.
  4. That the winds that night are calm and the weather is nice.
  5. It is possible that some people will see Allah that night in their dreams, as was recorded to have happened to some of the Companions (may Allah be pleased with all of them. Allahuma ameen).
  6. That the individuals will find enjoyment in their night prayer more then they did in other nights.
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