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2 Nov 2013

Science of Hadeeth Workshop Audios

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We here at Arabic Virtual Academy are now proud to be able to offer you a great opportunity. As you all know, our Science of Hadeeth Workshop has quickly become one of our most popular courses since it was originally launched. In the program itself you receive each module as a video and the MP3 audio download. This has been wonderful for those of you that have the time to watch the videos as the course itself is offered. We found though that sometimes, due to busy schedules, some of you have had trouble finding time to sit in one place to watch the videos.

So, we searched for a solution to this problem. Lo and behold, we found one. What we are offering now, is a brand new package, in which you will receive all of the audio files for the first level of the course (which consist of 11 downloadable MP3 files). This will enable you to download them to your MP3 players, I-phones, Smart Phones or what ever device you use which plays MP3 files.

This is GREAT NEWS for all of you that are constantly on the move, but still find it important to learn these fundamental sciences, that the correct understanding of our religion is built upon. Now you can take the course with you where ever you go, and be able to benefit anywhere you may be, whether you have a computer in front of you or not. Can learning our religion get any easier?

As, previously mentioned, with this course you receive 11 downloadable MP3 audios. Obviously you will not need to pay the full price for the program that includes the video lessons. Instead you will only pay $19.97 for all of these lessons. When you calculate the entirety of the course, you see that you are paying less then $2.00 per class.

Now, where else are you possibly going to go to learn the Science of Hadeeth for that price? You will not find it anywhere for that price. So what are you waiting for? Register now, and you will be on your way to taking the course that, nine times out of ten, one or more of your friends or family members have already taken.

The registration process, as always is very simple. Make the one time payment using the link below. Once this is done you will directed to a page where you enter your registration information. Upon completing this you will receive your syllabus and be ready to embark on learning more about this not only beautiful, but also necessary act of worship.



Click below to make the $19.97 payment

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