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29 Sep 2016

Rulings in Islam (part 1)

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Now that we have a general understanding about what is meant when someone mentions the terms fiqh, we want to discuss these rulings. This is because we stated before that it is about the understanding or knowledge about the rulings of our worship. So it is imperative that we explain what these ruling for those that are not familiar with them, and as a review for those that have heard them before.

Today we want to talk about the first term that all of us use, but may have not been explained to us in detail what is really meant by it. This term is ‘Waajib’. Many times this word is used for things other that was is meant by the Scholars of this science, only because the meaning is so unclear to so many people. We will clear this up today.

Waajib means that it is something that we have been commanded to do, so much so that there is a promise of a reward for doing it (if done out of obedience to Allah) and there is a threat of a punishment for those that do not carry out this command (from simple disobedience of Allah). This is what is meant when the Scholars of Sharee’ah (Islamic Jurisprudence) use this term.

This does not mean that it is necessarily wrong when someone says, “It’s waajib” meaning it is something that is important, or an act  that should be carried out. Rather, this is how people use the term linguistically. But it is important that we understand the difference between the two uses, so that we understand them correctly when others use the term respectively , this in turn will aid us to use the term correctly.

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