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20 Jun 2017

Ramadan Reminders (Part 11)

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So in conclusion, we see that the month of Ramadan is a special month, not like any other. It has in it things that we do not find except once within the course of the calendar year. We need to understand that Ramadan is more than just another obligation, rather it is a HUGE OPPORTUNITY to gain what we can not gain outside of it. Once we begin to see this, we will not be as likely to waste as much time in it trying to do only those things that are necessary, and begin striving harder to do as much as we can so as to get as much benefit out of this short window as possible.

May Allah accept from us all of our efforts that we put forth this month, pardon us for any of our shortcomings and allow us to meet HIm and He be pleased with all of us… ¬†Allahuma ameen

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