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30 Mar 2017

Proofs That It’s The Truth (Part 3)

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Now that we are done with the introduction, it’s time to really get things moving. In this post, I just want to mention some of the types of ways that the Quran has been proven to be the truth which could have only come from the Creator of everything. As well, how it is a proof of the existence of Allah.

These different ways;

  1. Information of the past
  2. Information about the future
  3. Legislative rulings
  4. Linguistic aspect
  5. Knowledge based information

I know that it is not enough to simply mention these things, as they will cause absolutely no effect on our hearts. Rather, as usual, we will both summarize each one and give an example or two for each, as to ponder over and as well as to memorize for those what are looking to do so, in sha Allah in the upcoming posts.

So stay tuned in!!!.

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