The Recitation & Memorization Course


Wouldn’t you like to know how to properly pronounce the sounds of the Arabic alphabet?

Are you tired of not knowing how to read The Quran properly?

Do you get confused when looking in The Quran as to where one word ends and the next begins?

Are you shy or embarrassed when pushed up front to lead the prayer in congregation because the way your recite is not pleasing to the ear?

Well it is time you let us help solve these problems.

There is not a Muslim on the face of this earth that does not desire to properly be able to recite the Book of Allah. Many people are not afforded the opportunity to do so for various reasons. So we decided to put an end to many of those reasons. We have a proven method for teaching our students of all ages and backgrounds the proper recitation of the Quran online. This way you can take advantage of it in your homes, schools, Islamic Centers and even local Masjid. 

Our instructors have been working for years in aiding both Arab and Non Arab students both memorize the Quran in a speedy and effective manner. The other major plus about this program is that you can do it on your own schedule. You let us know whether you want to have class once or twice a week. From there, we will find a day and time that is most suitable for you and we will get your classes started.

So the only real decision that you need to make now is to  decide how many days you want to study a week.

Now that your ready to begin benefiting, [CLICK HERE] and choose the number of classes per week that suit your schedule.

Do you need more information?

–You want to [Click Here] to find out about our class that is offered 4 times a month.

–You want to [Click Here] to find out about our class that is offered 8 times a month.

–You want to [Click Here] to find out about our class that is offered 12 times a month.

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