The Academy

We have been blessed with an opportunity to provide a wonderful opportunity to those men and women around the world whom are trying to learn this wonderful language. After much hard work and late nights we are able to share with you all the beginning of what has the promise of a beneficial relationship. We are working hard to provide you all with the opportunity to sit in the comfort of your own homes and receive the opportunity that were afforded to those before whom had to leave their homelands to do the such.

We are are providing women teachers for the women students and men teachers for the men students. Both private and group classes will be provided and it will be left to the student to decide which program will work best for them. This course will comprise the different sciences which include:

1. Nahu – (Arabic Grammar)

2. Sarf – (Morphology)

3. Balaagah – (Eloquence)

This is not a program in which our habit is to start and stop classes. Rather what we do, is to assure our students that the class will continue with your teacher at the very least until the end of each month. This academy gives the students the ability to voice their opinions and any suggestions freely and confindentially. So any concerns that you may have, we ask that you let us know early so that they could be delt with promptly. Thank you very much for looking into our academy and we ask for all of you to make duaa (supplication) for us and our success as we make duaa for all of you and your success.

As far as our teachers. They have all graduated from different Universities in the field of Education, and the Arabic Language. Some of them have received their B.A. and some their M.A. in these fields from Al Azhar University, Cairo University and other prominent Universities. As well, all of them have years of teaching experience in not only schools, but we try to get those who have most of their experience teaching those who Arabic is not their first language. These are mainly teachers who have experience teaching in institutes which cater to the foreign students here in Egypt from all different nationalities and languages. This give us an advantage, as our teachers can not only provide you with the best understanding of the language possible, but also can make it easy for a non-native speaker of the language to understand. Which from the beginning has made what we have been doing successful.

Our program is 12 levels. We do give out certificates of completion at the end of the course. We also give to those who are forced to take a break between levels a certificate of completion of their last completed level. All information collected is put into our database so that at the completion of the course we can have the correct information on your certificates. As well, we like to keep our students grades, attendance, whom their teachers were and achievements in your personal files.

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