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26 Sep 2017

Not Destroying Our Children (Part 7)

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Al hamdulillah, there are many parents out there that are making sure that their children are doing very well in school. They are making sure they are getting the best grades, getting into the best schools, even pushing them towards thriving careers. As far as the dunya is set up, they are on the right path. There is still something missing though that many of us forgot about. Can you figure out what it is? Yes, it is the issue of their deen and the learning of at least the basic information that we were commanded to know.

We as parents need to be making sure that the next generation have a working knowledge of the basics of Islam. They need to know information about Allah and our personal relations that we should be developing with Him. We have to begin teaching them about the History of the Prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessing be upon him) and His effect on not only the Arab world, but the whole world, even up until today. They need basic knowledge of the day to day living and practices that we have been commanded with as Muslims. While we are teaching them these things, it needs to be stressed how important to them as individuals that they the are firm upon these things and never leave them off, regardless of anything.

This is because these are the things that will cause real success. Yes, the other things will help them, if Allah wills. The difference though is that the knowledge that you teach them now as children will help them to be successful in both this life as well as the next. Thus, we need to try our best, to make sure that they have as much of an Islamic education as possible. Don’t you agree?

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