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19 Jul 2012

Making up days for someone that has passed away

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  • A sick person broke his fast in Ramadan. After four days from the time the month began he passed. Does some one make up the days for him?


  • If the sickness that he was afflicted by was from those types of sicknesses that was expected to pass, then the fasts are not made up for him if he continued to be affected by it until he died. This is because the statement of Allah {and who ever was sick or on a travel then it is to be made up on other days} (2:185). So it is an obligation on the sick person to fast on other days. If he died before he was able to do that then the obligation of doing this is dropped. This is because he didn’t reach the time period in which it was an obligation on him to fast. So, he is like the one that died during the month of Sha’baan. Therefore, it is not an obligation on him to fast the upcoming Ramadan. But if the sickness was from those sicknesses that  there is no hope of going away, then it was only an obligation on him to feed a poor person each day.

[Taken from Fatawah Arkan al Islam by Sheikh Uthaimeen]

[Translated by Abu Abdillah Abdul Lateef]

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