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20 Nov 2016

Loving Allah (part 3)

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In the upcoming posts, what we want to discuss with you is the fact that true love for Allah is known by that which is seen from us and not just something that is heard coming from our mouths. In these days and times we find this claim on the tongues of many, but we see that everything else about them tells a completely different story.

So, in order for me to effectively make my point, I want to go off topic quickly for the purpose of clarity. After that, we will apply what we discussed to the topic at hand.

When you really love someone like your parents, your spouse or your children, your love shows itself through your actions. Think about the different ways that you show your love for them. You never get tired of talking about them. They come up in conversations all the time.  If you’re not speaking with them all the time, you find that they are at least in your thoughts. You find that you can not go very long without thinking about them, as everything reminds you of them.

To be continued….

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