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29 Aug 2017

Being Successful In Finding Your Other Half (Part 10)

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Now that we have gotten past all of these other issues, we understand that we need to be people that look first and foremost when trying to find a spouse at the person’s deen (religiosity). After this, and only after this should one be considered as a possible spouse.

I want to note here that I have purposely used the word “Spouse” in this series of posts for a reason. This is because we must remember that what goes for a man, also goes for the woman (unless there is some proof that shows the issue is specific for one, and not the other). Therefore, what a man should be looking for, a woman should also be concentrating on as well. This is the reason why I am not limiting that which is being spoken about to only reasons women are married. This is because in reality, when we look around, many men are sought after for these same reasons. Or am I seeing the situation incorrectly?

Anyhow, I am going to try to discuss with all of you some of the other reasons why, after looking into a person’s deen, one is a good candidate for marriage. The Scholars have told us in many of their books what we should be looking for, and this is what we will be trying to discuss one at a time. So make sure to keep informed. If not for yourself, than for all of those people around you that are looking to marry soon.

Barak Allahu Feekum.

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