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6 Jul 2017

Good Companionship (Part 3)

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Now what we want to do here is briefly talk about the first thing that Allah has commanded us with in this verse. This is the issue of having Taqwah. Depending on who you see translate this word, you may see them using different phrases to get the point across. One of these translations that you will see that has become very popular is that taqwah means having a God Consciousness. This is referring to being in a situation where a person realizes that Allah is an all watcher over everything, and that Allah may hold us accountable for every single statement and action if He so chooses.

Yet others translate this word to mean “The Fear of Allah”.  To be honest, even though it is a completely different phrase, it carries the same general meaning. Maybe we should say, “It points to the same exact concept.”

This concept has two major aspects to it. The first is the issue of doing those things that Allah loves, is pleased with and has commanded us to do. The second is the issue of staying away from those things that Allah is displeased with and has commanded us to distance ourselves from. This is the concept that is referred to when Allah commands us to have taqwah.

We won’t go deep into this, unless one of you shows interest in discussing it further. This is because it is not the major part of the verse that is tied to the subject matter. Thus we will start discussing the issue that needs to be looked at, in reference of good companionship, in the next post, by Allah’s permission.

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