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19 Jul 2012

Fasting On Friday

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  • If a person fasts every other day, and one of the days happen to fall on Friday, is it permissible to fast it??


  • Yes it is permissible  if he would fast like that to fast Friday, Saturday, Sunday or any other day as long as  that did not fall into one of the days it is impermissible to fast. If it does fall on a day it is impermissible to fast then  it is upon him to leave off fasting on that day. So if a person was fasting ever other day and the day for him to leave his fast was on Thursday that the day he fasts was Friday, then there is not problem with his fasting it. This is because  he didn’t fast Friday because of the fact that it is Friday, but rather because his normal fast ran into a Friday. As far as the one that his fast falls on a day that it is not permissible to fast, then it  is upon him to  leave the fast. An example of this is like one that his fast runs into the eid of al Adhaa’ or the days of tashreeq. The same is true for a woman that has a habit of fasting every other day  and her menses come on or post natal bleeding,  then it is upon her to leave the fast.

[Taken from Fatawah Arkan al Islam by Sheikh Uthaimeen]

[Translated by Abu Abdillah Abdul Lateef]

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