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12 Nov 2017

Facts Every Muslim Should Know (Part 16)

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The issue of our belief in the Angels is one that many have not got a clue about. Again, we must remember, as we have been discussing. True belief in something causes action of our hearts, tongues and body parts. Many of us have some information about the angels, but is this information causing these actions? If not, then we need to evaluate both our information, as well as our belief in these bits of information.

I can not help you with your belief in this situation, but I can tell you some information that you need to ponder over frequently. If you ponder over this, and consider how it both affects you now, and will affect you in the future, you will see it will stir up something inside of you that will bring about some change in sha Allah.

Something that is important for you to know about Allah’s angels, is that they are Allah’s noble servants, that do not precede Him in doing anything, and they do everything they have been commanded to do. They do not have a choice in this, rather carrying out His commands is what they were created to do. So those that they have been commanded to protect, they will protect with no second guesses. Those that they have been commanded to allow harm to come to, that harm will come as Allah has willed it. The good and bad deeds that they were commanded to write will be written as commanded. Everything that we know of from their purposes, actions and commands will be carried out. Therefore, by us increasing in our knowledge about their purposes and understanding that they will never go against these things, it will cause us to think, behave and even worship differently, knowing that the scribes are writing, that there are angels of mercy and also punishment, etc. You will find that as we ponder on these things, that true belief will develop that will cause a change in us as individuals in sha Allah.

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