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9 Nov 2017

Facts Every Muslim Should Know (Part 15)

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It is only befitting, being as though we have been talking about Emaan, and what it necessitates, that we discuss our belief in those arkaan (pillars of emaan) that we mentioned. As we know, one of these things that we MUST believe in as Muslims, is our belief in Allah. Again, if we ask many people what this entails, we will find them stutter stepping in their answers to this question. We want to make sure that this does not happen to us. Therefore we will discuss briefly about what it means to believe in Allah.

To believe in Allah means to believe that He exists, and is described with attributes that fit His majesty and completeness. We also believe that He is free from any type of attribute that points at any type of deficiency in His being, abilities, or in any other way. In this belief, we understand that Allah is One and thus He alone has the right that all of creation returns to Him, for every affair and situation in our life. We understand that being that everything has been created by Allah and is owned by Him, that He does with whatever He wills, how and whenever He wills it to be done, without anyone having the ability to stop that which He has willed.

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