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5 Nov 2017

Facts Every Muslim Should Know (Part 13)

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In these days and times, we find that it is not at all strange to hear those people around us say constantly, “I am a believer”. Many of us even say it ourselves. It is something that is very common. Yet, when you ask people about what this entails, you can almost always tell that they have not given the answer to this much thought. Try it for yourselves. You will see people begin to stumble and trip over their words and thoughts. This is because, we got use to throwing around the rhetoric that sounds good, but many of us were never taught what was behind it from meaning and understanding.

Emaan, or belief, is a word that carries an enormous meaning. To believe in something, in truth, necessitates action. We can not truly believe something to be true, and not act on it. This goes against normal human nature. For example, someone that TRULY BELIEVED that their home was on fire, will normally not just sit there. This belief will cause action to come about. The action I am referring to here is both action of the heart, tongue and body parts. The action of the heart would be fear for their lives. This belief will also cause actions of the tongue would be to scream for help, yell to wake up anyone in the house, etc. Also, it will cause one to get up and run, which is an example of the actions of the body parts. Do you see that all of these different types of action naturally come from a person’s TRUE BELIEF that their home was on fire? Well the same goes for belief in anything.

This especially holds true for one’s belief in Allah and the truth of His religion. True belief in this causes action. This is not meant to be a gauge for you to measure someone else’s level of Emaan. Rather, it is a gauge for you to measure your own level of Emaan. How much action to you see from yourself that is the result of your Emaan. Do you find yourself really concerned with what will come, of which Allah has sent forth a warning? Do you find that you are busy with obtaining those things that will help you, and staying away from those things that will harm? Or do you find that you are busy with the opposite of that which the belief that you claim to have would cause?

This post is not intended as a way of putting down the Ummah. Rather it is one which should give us all something to ponder over, and begin making necessary changes. Hopefully, by doing this, we will be in a better position to meet Allah on the day of Judgement. May Allah give us an increase in true Emaan. Allahuma ameen.

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