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14 Feb 2014

Entering Into Islam Whole-Heartedly

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Too often, we find that people only half way accept the way of life to which Allah has  guided them. Many times we see that people, after becoming Muslim, leave off much of the worship that is supposed to be performed. This problem is one that many look at as though it is not very important, but in actuality it harms the individual, community and Muslim Ummah in ways that are very harmful.

In this audio we discuss the command about us practicing Islam, and doing it to the best of our abilities. This was one of the classes given dealing with some of the social problems that we see in our communities, and their cures.

We hope it is a benefit to all of you, and as always, we are excited to read your comments below. Barak Allahu feekum. Don’t forget to take a second and send this to your friends and families, so they may benefit as well. You will find links to easily share this page directly under the audio. 

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