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18 Oct 2016

Commands and Prohibitions (part 3)

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Now that we have discussed Allah’s commands, I would like to take a minute to discuss with you Allah’s prohibitions. We understand that Allah ONLY prohibits us from things because of the enormous amount of harm that comes from these actions. Remember though,  I mentioned before that actions come from not only our body parts, but also our tongues and hearts as well. We need to remember this when we begin to partake in those actions that Allah has commanded us to refrain from.

If we look at them in this light, as though they are an enormous danger and harm to our present life as well as our hereafter, it will make it much easier for us to stay away from these things. We will realize that whatever it may be that is tempting us, it is not worth putting all of that at risk.

Just to make this more clear, for the next couple of days, in sha Allah we will discuss a couple of examples of how this works in real life.

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