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16 Oct 2016

Commands and Prohibitions (part 2)

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Today I want to talk with you briefly about the issue of fasting. Allah has commanded us, as you know to fast during the blessed month of Ramadan. Some people, even from among those that talk about being excited about Ramadan, don’t really look forward to it. They see it as a hardship. But when we look at what we have been talking about in terms of Allah only commanding us with these things for our own benefit. We will be forced to see Fasting in a new light. Let me explain.

Yes, we already know about the enormous amount of benefit that comes to the individual for carrying out Allah’s command to fast, in terms of the hereafter. I want to turn your attention for a brief minute to a couple the benefits of it in this life as well. First and foremost, the physicians of our time have discovered huge health benefits from not only  fasting, but also fasting for a whole month at a time.

The health benefits of fasting is one factor,another is being appreciative to Allah that we do not have to live like this throughout our lives. As we fast through the day and approach the time to break fast, we look forward to it, knowing that the food is coming. Then we remember that there are those that have this same feeling, but have nothing to look forward to, they break their fasts, with very little and live like this all year around. Does this not cause you to want to do something about this? Does it not cause you to aide others, which in turn aides yourself? Of course it does.

As well developing a sense of empathy for those less fortunate than we may be. This in turn causes us to try to work harder to fulfill their needs, causing them to be appreciative. From this a sense of community, love and oneness continuously developing, which in turn makes our society better, safer and united.

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