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3 Sep 2017

Being Successful In Finding Your Other Half (Part 12)

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One of the other things that is highly advisable that you look for in a potential spouse is the aspect of their coming from a functional family with healthy family relationships. As a person that comes from a family which is not dysfunctional, you will find that their morals, values and personal ties are many times more suitable for ensuring success in building a long lasting relationship.

Usually a person that comes from a family which we just described, understands the importance sticking things out, and being less likely to easily walk out of the relationship. They generally understand the importance of remaining patient and overlooking the shortcomings of their spouse. These are all qualities that are learned behaviors, which they picked up from what they have seen from their parents.

They are also less likely to be willing to risk their relationship by having affairs, due to the values that they also obtained during their family life. They have seen the way that a husband is supposed to treat his wife, and the way that a wife is supposed to be with her husband. Due to the fact that they have seen this in their childhood, they are more likely to repeat the same type of things that they have gotten used to from their parents relationship.

The person that you will find that does not come from a situation, such as the one described above, may not see things in a way that is appropriate. Many times this is due to the lack of a good example during their youth. You really can not expect someone that has not seen a healthy family relationship to automatically know how to maintain one.

Thus, if you want to have a healthy, productive and long lasting relationship, my advice is that you choose a potential spouse that comes from a house like the one that you would like to establish. May Allah grant all of you the success in finding a good spouse. Allahuma ameen.

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