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24 Sep 2013

Why Do So Many Marriages Fail?

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We here at Arabic Virtual Academy are offering another absolutely free webinar about yet another social-ill that is unfortunately, plaguing many of our societies. The topic of this webcast is dealing with the issue of Many Our Marriages And Why They Are Not Lasting. This webcast will be broadcast for any and all of you that will not be able to be present, so that you may gain some of the benefit that will be given in this gathering. As we mentioned this event is absolutely free for all that participate. All it will take is for you to register below. As you can see the registration process is extremely easy. Fill out the information below, and you will get your confirmation email which will ensure your being sent the link to participate in the class itself. The lecture will take place on – Saturday September 28, 2013. It will begin promptly at 8:00 pm (EST). So make sure to sign up early, so as not to run into any last minute problems.

So take a second and register below right now. This way you are sure not to miss out on yet another Arabic Virtual Academy Webcast. 

Those that are interested in learning more about the topic should but are afraid that they will not be available, should still register. This is because as with all of our webinars, everyone that registers will receive a link delivered to them where they will be able to view the webinar at their convenience. So the only thing left is to register below. Complete the short form below now, and do not delay.

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