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19 Dec 2017

Why All This Talk About Innovation? (Part 8)

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In Conclusion:

The point that I wanted to get to with all of this talk about innovation, is that it really is not a light situation. Many times we take the situation as though it is not very important. We may find ourselves in situations where people are talking bad about those that warn about innovation, its practices and its people. The reality though, is that it is a necessity that it is not ignored, rather explained to the people in a good way.

Again, if someone comes to you to explain to you about something that may be harming you and your deen, think hard about what they are telling you. Do not just turn away because you are not happy with the way the information came to you. If the person comes in a way that is incorrect and in opposition to that which is in the Sunnah, then let them know. You still have, thought, to consider what they are saying to you. Remember that your correcting yourself does not help them in any way. All of the benefit returns back to you.

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