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17 Dec 2017

Why All This Talk About Innovation? (Part 7)

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There is another aspect of innovation that we must discuss. It is very important that we try our hardest to be aware at all times. This is because innovation can destroy not only our belief system or worship, rather the whole of our Islam. So, there is a category in which either one remains in the fold of Islam earning a sin, and the other is that which one does or believes, and is considered to be one of those actions or beliefs that are disbelief in itself.

Again, you need to be very careful with anything that is described with being an innovation. This is not only because it is actually practicing something that has been added to the religion, which is really not from it. Rather, some of these types of innovation will actually remove the one that practices from the fold of Islam. May Allah protect us all from that, Allahuma ameen.

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