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9 Jul 2015

What’s After Tawbah?

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The purpose of this short audio is to explain to everyone what is upon them after making tawbah. There is a type of worship called ‘Enaabah’ (returning to Allah’s obedience), which we need to begin applying in our lives. Unfortunately many people are unaware that this specific type of worship even exists. This is not something that we can simply overlook, as it is something that we have been commanded to carry out.

We have in the recent past designed a course entitled “The Fiqh of Enaabah”, and found that many people sent questions requesting general information about the topic. We found it necessary to put this together, to enable all of you to know the topic and give you an idea about what you would be studying in the course.


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Trying to find more about this topic? If  your ready to get past the basic and take it to the next level;


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