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21 Oct 2013

What Now?

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This is the recording of the class that was held for the purpose of reminding us all that it is very important that we remember Allah, worship and praise Him always. We do not only busy ourselves with this during major times of the year and around the times of the ‘Eids, but rather these things should be our focus all year around. We need to remember that our increasing in worshiping, praising and remembering Allah is our way of thanking Him for everything for which we have been blessed. May Allah aide us all in being of those that are every showing our gratitude. Allahuma ameen.

We hope it is a benefit to all of you, and as always, we are excited to read your comments below. Barak Allahu feekum. Don’t forget to take a second and send this to your friends and families, so they may benefit as well. You will find links to easily share this page directly under the audio.


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