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8 Jan 2017

Understanding Tawheed (part 9)

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When looking at the facts that Allah is the only one that gives guidance, and that it can’t possibly truly come from anywhere else, then this changes the whole ball game. No longer will you look to your books for guidance. No longer will you look to your school for guidance. No longer will you look to your Sheikh or anyone or anything else for guidance. We have got to begin to understand that those things are but vessels by which Allah guides His believing slaves. We need to understand that the guidance isn’t at the discretion of these things and isn’t given by these things in reality. This isn’t meant to take anything away from them at all, their roles are extremely important. We get from all of these things an enormous amount of information, but we must keep in mind that true guidance only comes from Allah.

As far as the issue of Allah being the organizer of the affairs of all of the creation, then that which this belief points to should be crystal clear. We need to understand that when we see things not going our way and that we don’t have that which we think we need, that we need to began turning to Allah to find the solution and a way out. We can’t possibly really believe that this planning and organization comes from Allah alone, and continue looking every where else for a solution to all that happens without  turning to Allah and asking relief from Him, not only in statement but from our hearts.

We must understand that the results of true belief, not just that which we claim to believe, is going to show itself in both our statements as well as our actions.


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