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29 Dec 2016

Understanding Tawheed (part 8)

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In the last part we mentioned some of these actions that we must believe that are solely for Allah. In this part and the next few we’ll be talking about what effect this belief should have on our lives when we really believe in them correctly.

When we truly believe that Allah is the creator, provider and everything, we don’t look anywhere else for these things. When we understand that everything that we know about, and those things we don’t know of, are from the creation of Allah alone, and that no one or anything can bring about anything other than Him. We should be in awe of Him because of all that He has brought into existence. We should also see the many things that He created in us, our lives and the lives of those we know and love which we benefit from regularly. Also we need to recognize those things which He hasn’t affected us with as a protection from harm. Either way, it should make us appreciative and love Him more for His many blessings.

Now we move to the fact that Allah is the only one that can truly bring about provisions for the entire creation. We understand that Allah is the sole provider who gives to whom He wills when He wills, and withholds from whom He wills. This should, if we truly believe in this, cause us to put our dependence  upon Allah alone. We should understand our jobs, parents, spouses, etc are only vessels in which Allah gets our provisions to us. True belief in this should cause us to not fail to make Allah the first place we turn to when we’re in need and the one in which we put all of our dependence.

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