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27 Dec 2016

Understanding Tawheed (part 7)

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The second question – What is it that we’re referring to when we talk about Allah being our Lord or His Lordship?

Without making the situation seem more difficult than necessary, I want to point out one thing that’s imperative that we keep in mind at all times. This is that the Lord of the worlds has certain actions that are specific for Him. It’s not possible that anyone can bring about these actions other than Him. It’s necessary that we not only  affirm our belief in these things with our tongues, but also that we must hold a firm belief in our hearts that this is true.

Now, I quickly want to mention a few of these actions. For instance, when we speak about creation, provisions, guidance, curing, giving life and causing death, we must understand that these are all things that we must believe can only truly come from Allah alone.

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