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22 Dec 2016

Understanding Tawheed (part 5)

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When we’re asked about the meaning of Tawheed Ar Rububiyyah, the reply that the majority of us give is the same. Generally, what we do is a basic copy and paste job. Our response is usually that it means “Singling out Allah in His Lordship.” That’s as far as the majority of us can go.

Now, I want to know if my original point is becoming clear? Do you see that we need to give more time into looking into gaining a better understanding of this concept?

I want to keep this one short, so as to give everyone time to think about the original point and answer a couple of questions.

First- What does it mean to single out Allah in something?

Second- When we affirm for Allah Lordship, what is this Lordship?

Thirdly- What does it mean to single out Allah in His Lordship?

Lastly- What effect should our singling Him out have on our lives?

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