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20 Dec 2016

Understanding Tawheed (part 4)

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Let’s take a quick minute and look at the first of these branches of Tawheed that we are called to believing in. It is the one point that it is safe to say that most of the creation is in agreement with regardless of their religion. This is that of  Tawheed Ar Rububiyyah.

Now, I think that the majority has at least heard of this phrase before. I even feel comfortable saying that many of us have used this statement regularly in trying to explain the general breakdown of Tawheed. But we must ask ourselves honestly, about our understanding of this concept. Do we really understand its meaning or is it that we have simply memorized our explanation?

When we ponder over it and we realize that we have simply memorized our response and not understand properly, it should scare us. So many of the scholars of Islam, when teaching the concept of Tawheed, divide the issue into three parts. That means that this is actually a whole third of the picture. Also, I want to mention that this is a big part of why we single out Allah in worship to begin with. Therefore, it’s so important of a concept for us to continue not understanding. Don’t you agree?

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