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12 Mar 2017

Understanding Tawheed (part 33)

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After really contemplating on the last two definitions, we will see the reality of this word worship. For those of you that missed them, here are the links to both of them.

{The Linguistic Meaning}

{The Technical Meaning}

Now after taking another look, we should all see that this is not the concept that many of us have been taught over the years. Many may even find that they spend much less time in actual worship than they think.

We should realize that even these actions and statements should not be done out of culture, sheer habit or compulsion. Rather, these actions and statements should  be done out of love for Allah, out of humbling ourselves before Him and solely out of obedience to Him.

I’ll end this note here on that point due to it  being a lot to swallow and internalize. Try your best to think about it and discuss it among yourselves as much as possible before the next part posts.

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