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7 Mar 2017

Understanding Tawheed (part 31)

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In this post we just want to talk about what worship means linguistically. This is because the meaning in the language will give us a more clear idea as to what the general concept really means. Most times we will find that it’s meaning is a bit more encompassing than the technical meaning, but it will help us be able to visualize the technical meaning once we begin to discuss it, in sha Allah.

When we talk linguistically about the issue of worship, we need to understand that we are talking about humbling one’s self before something else. We are talking about submitting to that which is to the liking of that which is being worshiped. This all comes through both complete obedience, as well as an enormous amount of devotion.

This is generally what is being referred to when we talk about someone worshiping something else. Now that we have discussed this, only on a the linguistic level, I need you to ask yourself a question. Do you see in may of these other religions that we have heard of in our lifetimes actually fit this category, regardless as to whether or not the worship was valid?

Now, when we apply this to what we call ourselves doing, do we find that our lifestyles fit all that comes with this understanding that we just now discussed? If not, do you not see that we need to make some changes, quickly?

After discussing this, in the next post we will discuss with one of the more popular technical definitions that you hear the Scholars of Islam using when talking about this term.

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