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21 Feb 2017

Understanding Tawheed (part 25)

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To make this situation of “At-Tateel” even more clear, I want to show you how the whole process works itself out.

We will take for example the fact that Allah affirms for Himself a face. With this information you will find that some will believe this as a fact simply because the information came to us by way of authentic proofs and evidences, but they will tend to say that Allah’s face is like that of some of His creation.

There is another group that will ask the question “How is Allah’s face..”? Due to no proofs reaching them, they begin to conjure up pictures in their minds of different types of faces. (ie: that of people, clocks etc.). So, in trying to keep from believing that Allah is like His creation in any way, they say that it is not befitting to describe Allah with having a face.

The reality of the situation is that neither of these paths is correct. What should be done is to not believe that Allah is similar to His creation, nor do we refuse to accept authentic proofs and evidences due to us not being able to picture something in our minds or understand how something is played out. Rather we should just submit to that which has been authentically reported and leave off explaining that which we have no authentic texts to explain.

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