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16 Feb 2017

Understanding Tawheed (part 23)

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Therefore we can not run around explaining what Allah affirms for Himself from His Names and Attributes according to our understandings, whims and desires. We can not do this except that there is clear authentic proof for what we are claiming.

The next issue that we need to discuss is on that is called “At Tamtheel”. This in short is to either make Allah, or to say that Allah is like His creation. This, as you can imagine, comes from what we were just talking about. Instead of just believing in what Allah has told us the way it is, a person turns and asks that old question “How” about something that may not have been explained in detail.

For the sake of time we will discuss the example that we were just talking about. Allah in many places tells us that He has a Hand. What some of the Muslims have fallen into after asking this question “how” is affirming this Hand for Allah, but they say and believe that it is like that of some of the creation. I know that you may think that  this is something small or a light situation, but how do we claim and defend this belief after knowing that Allah said in His Book that there is nothing like Him. Now, we are in the situation again of either believing our limited understanding or that which Allah has stated in His book. I think that this example shows that it’s clear that the both can’t  be true. So we must be sure to take the correct stance and throw the other one against the wall.

Therefore, we believe in what Allah has revealed without making any similitude between Him and His Creation.

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