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14 Feb 2017

Understanding Tawheed (part 22)

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In the last post we were talking about our limited understanding, especially when it comes to understanding Allah.

As we said, when He affirms something for Himself as He did with His Hand and other than that, we have to believe in it. This holds true even if we don’t understand completely how . So, when He says He has a hand than we need to just submit to what He has said. We do not do as so many have done, and say Allah can’t have a hand because we have hands, clocks  have hands, some animals have hands and we don’t want to say that Allah is like His creation. Due to this idea, some Muslims have gone as far as to negate certain things that Allah has affirmed and others to try to find other meanings for these things.

Instead of them just realizing that they need to just submit and believe in that which was revealed, as it was revealed, they find ways to explain many parts of what it’s obligatory on every Muslim to believe.

We must understand that Allah says that there is nothing like Him. So when He describes Himself with these things (like a hand etc.), then we should understand from this that it has to be something that we are not used to nor have seen in the creation. Though it is still an obligation for us to believe that it exists because He said so We need to leave it like that without asking this question “How”?

Surely it is safer for us to believe it the way it comes and not understand how, than to deny some of that which He sent down or to try to explain away some of that which He revealed in His speech.

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