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2 Feb 2017

Understanding Tawheed (part 20)

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The first of these issues that we want to discuss is that of what is called in Arabic “at Tak’yeef”. This is the act of asking “how”. This is something that you will find people falling into regularly. May Allah correct all of our situations. Allahuma ameen.

When we find that Allah has described Himself with something or informed us of one of His names, then what is correct is for us just to believe in it. We don’t ask how is  this thing manifested. We don’t try to figure out how it looks, feels, takes place or anything of the likes. Rather, that which is upon us is to simply believe.

The only time we begin diving into the situations of how these things come about or take place is when there is some authentic proof available, in which Allah has described this to us. Other than than, we believe in that which was sent down from above the seven heavens and refrain from taking away from or adding anything to it from ourselves and our limited understandings.

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