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29 Jan 2017

Understanding Tawheed (part 18)

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The first thing that I want to mention here is the fact that when we talk about our belief about Allah, we must be careful about what we accept and what we reject. We do not just sit down and come up with descriptions of our Lord off of the tops of our heads. This is forbidden, regardless of how sensible these descriptions seem to be. Rather, we only accept that which Allah says about Himself, either in His Book or on the tongue of His Messenger (may Allah’s peace and blessing be upon him). We need to be very careful about not ascribing to Allah that which He has not described Himself with having. It is important that we understand and keep in mind when we are discussing this issue, that Allah is the All Knowing and more knowledgeable about Himself than anyone from His creation. Therefore, we will not find a better more clear, more correct and exact description of Him than His descriptions.

Once understanding this point, we begin to realize that this is the only description that we should be sticking to and affirming for Him.

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