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22 Jan 2017

Understanding Tawheed (part 15)

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In these last 13 posts, what I have done is tried to shed some light on some of what is important for every Muslim to know about and believe in terms of singling out Allah in His Lordship. We must remember that the reason for all of this is not for the purpose of showing people what they may or may not have known. Rather the reason for discussing this issue, is to show us where we need to be in terms of our understanding about this important and fundamental aspect of our religion.

If after looking at this and pondering over all that we have discussed, we find that our actions are not in accordance with that which we are claiming to be upon, we have to make some changes. We have to find a way to become more conscious about Allah’s Lordship over everything so much so, that this belief  we say that we have is seen from us even when we’re not making a general profession of faith.

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