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19 Jan 2017

Understanding Tawheed (part 14)

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In today’s post we will talk about the last of the four questions that we mentioned originally. This is the issue of what are the effects of true belief in Allah’s Lordship, that we should find in our daily lives. Hopefully by now, If you have been following these posts one by one, the picture is becoming more and more clear as to where we are headed with this conversation.

Once we see that all of these things we have discussed and more can not possibly be brought about nor established by other than Allah, we should understand that there is nothing or no one that we really need to turn to beside Him. We have to keep in mind that we weren’t talking about little things like a brand new pair of sneakers or a certain model of phone. Rather, we are talking about issues of our lives that make them either sustainable or unsustainable. We are talking about issues of life and death. Understanding that only Allah can provide us with what we truly need, it should change the way we look at our need for Him and that which is with Him. It should also cause us to reevaluate our need for and the dependence on the rest of creation. We should now be able to put people and things in their proper places.

Also, it should assist us in correctly understanding why we should love Allah the way we are supposed to love Him. Once we realize that all the real blessings are from Him and from Him alone, it should definitely cause in us a feeling of great appreciation for all that He grants us with as well as those things that we now realize to be blessings that we can’t go without.

Due to all that we discussed about the inevitable need in our lives for Allah in every way, we should begin to understand why Him alone has the right to be worshipped. We also should have begun to understand why the servitude should be for Him alone. We should by now understand why out of mere gratitude, thanks and love we should give Him and Him alone, complete obedience.

These three things we just discussed are some of the most important effects that we should now understand after this lengthy discussion. Just to recap, these things were our need for Him, our undying love for Him and His right of servitude and obedience.

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