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12 Jan 2017

Understanding Tawheed (part 11)

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Today we want to talk about the issue of what in reality, causes life and death to occur. This is a situation that some of you right now, may be saying to yourselves that  this topic does not need to be discussed. But in all actually, it does.

As Muslims we say off our tongues all of the time that we believe this statement wholeheartedly. The thing that really matters though is whether or not our actions show this belief. It really is not all about our statements and claims.

How many times do we see that people for example, want children and are told they can’t have them or there chances are slim? Do we find that they turn to Allah to write for them a child? Do we find that they turn to Allah and beg him to create for them offspring? Or is that which they turn to, put all of their trust in and completely rely on is the doctors, the clinics and the hospitals? Even after going to these things, do we find that they turn to depend on Allah alone for the results?

Now let’s take a quick second look to discuss the issue of death. We, when looking closely, find the same issue. Even though we say that we believe that Allah is the one that causes death and stops it from coming about, when the situation arises we see something completely different from the way people react to this situation.

When that time comes no one can stop it. When it’s our time to return to our Lord, or one of our loved ones to return, we see that our hopes and dependence go to other than Allah. We, by way of our statements and actions show that our true belief is that something may be able to stop that which was written by Allah. As we stated before, this is impossible. We must find a way to educate ourselves and others, so much as to make sure that our actions are in agreement with our claims and statement. This is because when they don’t match, we see that which we have been discussing appearing in our societies more frequently.

Don’t you agree that it is time sit and figure out how to fix this situation?


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