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11 May 2015

Tuhfah tul Atfaal – (Tajweed)

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A very popular request that we are constantly asked for, are our classes teaching this book. We are sure that the majority of you, if not all of you know this book and its importance in the whole of the science of Tajweed. This is one of the first books that are taught to students of all ages and backgrounds, in terms of how to correctly recite the book of Allah.

Due to the fact that everyone is interested in not only themselves as well as their children being able to give the Quran its rights in terms of its recitation, this is one of our more popular courses. So anyone desiring to take this course will need to download the pdf so they have a copy, as to follow along with the class. As well, anyone wishing to just take a copy of the book and may come back for the course at a later time can do so also. The important thing is that all of you get your copy of this book, and obtain all of the jewels inside of it. This will enable you to recite the book of Allah in the way it was meant to be recited.


So feel free to get your copy now, and spread the book to others in your communities, so that they may benefit as well. 

Download Link:

[Tuhfah tul Atfaal]

For anyone interested in studying with one of our qualified teachers, you can take a look at some of our current plans at the link below.

[Studying With Arabic Virtual Academy]

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