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14 Jul 2012

Traveling and breaking your fast

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  • When the sun has gone down for and the adhan has been made while before he started his travels at the airport, then the fasting person breaks his fast. What does he do after the airplane has taken off and then he sees the sun? Does he stop eating again?


  • No he does not have to begin refraining from food again. This is because the time for fast came already while he was on the ground and the sun set. They were in the place that the sun set from. The Prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) said, “When the night falls from this side, and the day vanishes from this side, and the sun sets, then the time has come that the fasting person should have broken his fast” (narrated by al Bukhari). So if the person that the sun has set from has broken their fast and he is on the ground at the airport, then his day of fasting is over. If his day is over then it is not upon him to start fasting again until the next day.
  • Based off of this, it is not obligatory to refrain from food and drink in this situation, because breaking your fast is something that is based off of a legislated proof, and the same with Imsaak (refraining form those thing that break ones fast.

[Taken from Fatawah Arkan al Islam by Sheikh Uthaimeen]

[Translated by Abu Abdillah Abdul Lateef]

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