The Workbook of Opposites


We here at Arabic Virtual Academy have released another one of our uniquely designed tools that we use with our students, for public use. This workbook consists of pages of different common vocabulary words that one who wishes to become fluent in the Arabic Language needs to know. Not only are we giving this to you today, but we are also giving you the supplemental Mp3 Audio that is used to make sure that the students are able to practice on their own, while correctly pronouncing each word. 

And how much is it going to cost you?

Nothing!!! It Is Absolutely Free!!!

Who else uses this workbook?

This workbook is now both available to and used by homeschooling programs, Islamic Centers, Masaajid, parents wishing to further their children’s education, as well as different individual students around the globe. Everyone is beginning to see the importance of having a learning tool such as this at their fingertips. It is a tool that will quickly and easily increase your working vocabulary faster than most people would imagine.

How do you get your copy of the book?

The answer to this is very easy. Just fill in the information below to let us know which email address to sent it to, then check your email and we will make sure that you get your copy today.

Get Your Copy Now!!!

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