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21 Jun 2014

The Third Class (The Fasting Series)

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This class deals with some of those things which everyone that is fasting, should try their hardest to implement during the course of their days spent fasting. Many Muslims in our days and times, feel as though, as long as they are not eating, drinking or having private relations with their spouses, that their fast is perfect. 

This is because many-times no one has ever sat them down and explained to them that there are other aspects that add to the reward of ones fast if they are implemented during the fast itself. Likewise there are many things that take away from our fast and it’s reward if we take part in them while we are fasting. 

These are the issues that we address in this part of the workshop. As you see, they are very important issues. So, if these things have not been explained to you in detail before, do not miss out on listening to the audio of this class. As well, if you know someone else that is need of this information, pass it on to them so that they may benefit as well. 

We pray that this class is even more of a benefit for all of you as it was for those that were present for the class. Your comments are welcome below. Also, as usual we ask that, if you felt as though it is beneficial, that you share it with your friends and family, so that they can benefit from it as well. Barak Allahu feekum.


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